2002 Annual Report of President
DATE: May 05, 2002
FROM: Calvin Janes
RE: Annual Report of the President

Members of Memphis Chapter, TAI,

We have completed our fifth year as a Tuskegee Airmen Chapter in the Memphis area. I appreciate the help I have received from everyone who volunteers to accomplish the tasks necessary to maintain this chapter and provide a much needed service for young people.

During the past year we offered a combined total of three (3) Memphis Chapter Educational Assistance Fund and Aviation Assistance Fund (Scholarship) awards of $1000 each. Our chapter also offered to donate $1500 to be used by our members to conduct the June 2001 Summer ACE Camp for youth ages 14-18 yrs. In February 2002 we sponsored the MEMPHIS AVIATION PROFESSIONALS Annual Luncheon and Youth Awards. Our chapter also provided tickets for students to attend this luncheon at no cost to the students.

For year 2002 we are again offering three (3) Memphis Chapter Assistance Fund (Scholarship) awards of $1000 each. Funding for these awards have been made possible by the sale of commemorative busts and plates -- partly by our membership, but mostly from other nonprofit organizations who sell the busts and plates as part of a joint profit raising venture. In order to continue to fund our programs we plan to engage in some sort of profit raising activity or activities in November of this year.

In April 2001 at the Mid-South Airshow, we provided several volunteers to manage the seating areas for the US Air Force Thunderbirds family and guest, Press, and the "paid seating area" designated for the general public. At the "paid seating area" our members collected thousands of dollars to benefit the Madonna Learning Center for Children with disabilities and other Mid-South Airshow designated non profit organizations. I anticipate that we will again be asked to help at Airshow 2003. I ask that you volunteer and help to make Airshow 2003 another successful public relations event for our chapter.

Memphis was the host city for the 2001 Joint 28th TAI/OBAP National Convention in August 2001. I wish to thank everyone for their hard work in helping to make this event a success.

In November 2001 we organized and sponsored a play money "Casino Night" fund raiser with proceeds to benefit our chapter and Sarcodosis Foundation Awareness efforts.

Currently we are planning to sponsor local kids and have youth related activities, a Red Tail aircraft and other airplane exhibits during the week of May 20, 2002 at Milington Naval Air Station.

There are many youths who are in need of our financial assistance, and our moral and professional guidance. I continue to receive requests for motivational speakers as well as requests for mentors. Regardless of your profession, you can help. Young people need motivation and must be aware of alternatives to alcohol, drugs, gangs, and violence. The positive impacts we have already made in the lives of some children, should convince each of us of the need for maintaining our chapter.

We need to increase the number of members on the Standing Committees (Membership, Public Relations, Ways And Means, Archives, Bylaws, Educational, or Nominating). I encourage you to join one. It is not a requirement to attend every meeting in order to be a member of a committee. Contact one of the Committee Chairmen and let he or she know you are interested.

Again, I remind you that our goals and initiatives are geared toward youth. We must always keep this in mind as we meet and plan for the future. Tuskegee Airmen membership is open to any individual willing to share in accomplishing these goals. Our society is diverse and so must be our membership. We must strive to make any individual desiring to assist us in accomplishing our goals feel welcome; regardless of income, race, sex, national origin or any other differences. What is most important is that we all move in the same direction. Help whenever you can and encourage others to do the same whenever they can. Any help, no matter how small you may consider it to be, is welcomed because it is better than no help at all.

No Memphis Chapter Officers were newly elected during the open nominations this year. Our next open election of new Chapter Officers is scheduled during March 2004 with any new Officers assuming their duties by May, 2004. I thank each of you for your support over the last five years. I continue to need your help in accomplishing the many good things we do for our community.

Remember, as with any organization, the success or failure of this Chapter depends on the support and contributions of the Officers and Members.

Thank you for your help and support!
Calvin Janes
Calvin Janes