2016 Annual Report of President
DATE: May 01, 2016
FROM: Calvin Janes
RE: Annual Report of the President

Members of Memphis Chapter, TAI,

Congratulations on having completed our nineteenth year as a Tuskegee Airmen Chapter in the Memphis area.

During the past year we offered Memphis Chapter Educational Assistance Fund and Aviation Assistance Fund (Scholarship) awards of $1000 each.

We helped sponsor the February 2016 MEMPHIS AVIATION PROFESSIONALS (MAP) Annual Luncheon and Youth Awards.  More than 150 students and accompanying educators were able to attend this event at no cost to them.  The theme was "It Looks Like A Good Day To Fly!"

We provided $1000 to help defray the cost of transporting students to the 2015 National Flight Academy in Pensacola, Florida and we assisted in conducting the June and July 2015 Summer ACE Academy for youth ages 14-18.  We also assisted with the Project Aviator "Girls to Women" and "Boys to Men" Programs.  Throughout the 2015-2016 School Year we continued our program of Aviation in Schools visits where Aviation Professionals visit schools in the local area.  Members participated in career days and gave motivational speeches.  Numerous schools continue to request our participation.  We continue to need as many of our members and supporters as possible to participate in school visits and career days in order to provide guidance and roll models for the youth in our area.  Every contribution and participation is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to our new members and thank you to the members who continue to support this organization year after year.  Your support and commitment to the goals of this organization is very much appreciated as we continue to 1) Preserve the legacy of the original Tuskegee Airmen, 2) Engage in motivating young persons toward aviation and aerospace careers and 3) Inspire youth to outstanding achievements and leadership through social and educational activities."

As always, please to continue to support the Educators, Parents, Students, Corporations, and other organizations who assist us in achieving our goals as we "Continue the Tuskegee Airmen Legacy" and "Mentor the Youth"!

Calvin Janes
Calvin Janes